Completion Value Creation Through Innovative Material Development

What We Do

Oil Field Packaging has created a unique suite of materials for hydraulic fracturing. Over the last few years, the materials have been applied in approximately 600 + wells and early results have been spectacular. We have not only achieved markedly higher productions, but in addition, have reduced entry and placement issues. Products also have promising results in limiting Frac hits in higher well density DSUs.

The OFP Difference

Our materials are all environmentally safe and can often be designed into your existing job at near cost neutral. We have experienced product supervisors that can ensure your trials are executed without issues. These materials were created with engineering, safety, quality and extraordinary value in completion performance in mind.

Our Products


AS-22 is a designed material to efficiently breakdown formations, replacing
Acid. This environmentally safe dry material has no safety placards or
hazardous designations. Safe, repeatable, efficient breakdown material at
near equivalent pricing.


AS-22 has the additional benefit of creating residual conductivity in micro fractures, positively effecting well production


This material was created to dramatically extend the useful fracture area created hydraulically. The material is added to your design to reach substantially higher in the fracture and reach micro and natural fractures where 100 mesh and conventional proppants can’t.


Oil Field Packaging has created a unique set of diverters for the industry. The A, B, C and D verters are designed to create diversion in your design without slowing down the pumping rate or changing design amounts. Each of the Diverters have been tested in many wells, in various NA basins and have all added measured production value. Each of them can be used in high or low temperature reservoirs. Once again, costs are very inexpensive compared to current conventional diverters so you can achieve higher value for lower costs.

Magic Frac™

A combination of materials added to your fracture to reduce frequency and extent of fracture hits to offset wells. Critical to adding efficient wells in down spacing and increasing reserve value.

Micro Frac™

Higher volumes of our material can replace major proppant volumes in nano-Darcy rocks with  better production results. We will work with you to design and manage the trial(s) and ensure we create maximum value in your completions.

FP Plus™

FP Plus is an ultra fine micro particle designed for low rate applications. Frac Protect with FP Plus can help divert fluid and reduce volumes required for offset wells protected from new well fracture treatments. Because of the particle size and the shape of the material, FP Plus can be easily carried to the formation even at very low pump in rates. FP Plus can also be used as a permanent diverter in Re Fracs not only creating new fractures, but supporting micro fractures with residual conductivity, positively influencing production